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Crossfit Workouts. What is CrossFit High Octane?
Why the Name High Octane? Octane in the component of fuel that prevent early ignition. This allows the fuel to combust when the piston is it the right spot to achieve maximum performance. Here at High Octane you will work with the instructors on the ten generally recognized components of physical fitness: cardio-respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power and speed. As each component improves, your overall fitness, “Octane”, will help reach maximum performance in your crossfit workouts.
The feature of this CrossFit is that it is goal structured. As soon as you join, we want to know three goals that you would like to eventually achieve. They can be weight loss, running your first marathon, or just overall health. This is assisted by the use of your own personal workbook and personalized coaching. Another unique path to track your fitness is through our 5 “Octane Levels.” These levels consist of testing the 10 components of physical fitness. The first level being simple and becoming more difficult as you progress. These Octane levels help you identify other athletes in your workouts, and previous workouts earlier in the day to measure yourself with.
CrossFit High Octane is not about a person or a building, but rather a community of athletes ranging from their teens to retirement years. It’s not a place of specialized sport but rather a place of fitness that is fun and challenging. Here we run, jump, stretch, lift, and push. Making sure each movement your make is correct and safe allowing you to reach your highest potential.
CrossFit High Octane is not about doing a pushup. It’s about you growing from one pushup to five, five to ten, then 3 sets of ten. It’s a place of small victories and great triumphs. It’s not a place about weight or waist sizes but how you feel in your cloths. Here the unachievable becomes achievable. Here you connect with others but more importantly yourself. Welcome to CrossFit High Octane!
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